Revolutionary Mail-System

Mail re-inveted! No Chaos, no cluttered Inbox. Focus on your work and use E-Mail as a real tool.

The functionality of Scayla-Mail prevents the chaos!

Our revolutionary e-mail system with integrated task management function automatically assigns incoming messages to the responsible person and status. Each mail is filed only once – so conflicts of jurisdiction do not even arise. With one click, you pass the message to the next person. For smooth processes, you can make the mail system available to other employees across departments or companies.



Each e-mail has a status of Work, Draft or Completed, so that the status is immediately visible.


The e-mail is also stored only once for multiple recipients and it is assigned directly to a responsible person.


Pass the responsibility of a person or delegate a task to a co-worker without forwarding the e-mail.

Direct link

Create a follow-up activity directly from the received e-mail, for example an offer, contract, etc., and all relevant data is automatically transferred.


Add a note directly to the e-mail so that nothing is forgotten, even the reminder function is not missing.



All Appointments - One Calendar

The calendar of Scayla is always available upon one click, and it displays your own appointments and those of your employees.


The wheel not re-inveted, but anyway better!

Organizing appointments and organizing meetings does not have to be complicated: use Scayla to file all the required documents for each appointment. This gives the participants an overview – and, if necessary, direct access to all important documents. Whether employee or customer – the participants receive corresponding protocols or presentations automatically.

Manages calendars

Manage multiple calendars easily. You can edit one or more calendars in parallel and have them displayed at the same time.

Company calendar

Manage holidays, events or organize meeting rooms for your company through the system.

Connect  documents

One click – all information. Link relevant documents and attachments to an appointment.



Contact management 4.0

All customer's data always in sight. Well arranged communication and systematic lead-management guarantee success. Capable of integration, DSGVO-Ready, Made in Switzerland.


Relevant files directly linked to the contact.

Managing employees, customers, and partners requires organizational talent. Our intelligent solution automatically links mail flows, document archives, projects and correspondence with the contact person of the respective company. Data records are stored hierarchically as a customer history and can be viewed directly by authorized employees or departments.

Document history

Newly created or edited documents as well as the entire e-mail traffic are traceable by automatic assignment.


With the hierachic representation you can find documents or any correspondence quickly.

Better customer service

Complete documentation with the automatic filing system and thus easy to find for other employees.



The document center - the heart of Scayla

Filing documents in huge tree structures was yesterday. Your documents are there where you need them, namely at the project, the contact, the mail - well, everywhere where you work.

The intelligent document filing.

The Intelligent Document System (IDS 4D) organizes files as fast and efficiently as never before. Custom fields make data collection and sharing a breeze. By adding tags, categories, and responsibilities, each document can tell who is responsible-and by when the task must be completed.



Each document has a status of work, draft or completion, so that the status of the work is immediately apparent.


Keep an overview at all times and you always know which document is the most up-to-date.

Change history

Complete documentation of all changes made by the persons involved who worked on the document.


The document is assigned directly to a responsible person but can be delegated.

Access authorization

Control the access rights to the documents, whether they are individual employees or entire departments, you decide.



Manage projects - with a clear view

The project management in Scayla combines all relevant information in one place - that way, you always have a clear picture!


Scayla supports you - no matter of how many projects you manage.

Quick and easy project management: Create projects and link files or attachments with just one click. Assign project files to relevant persons and find important data immediately. Manage projects and assets redefined.
Bigger project? Link it directly to relevant documents and tasks. Due to automatic versioning on every document, changes and advances are 100 percent traceable at a later date – so you always have an overview.


Connect relevant files

Whether a contact, an e-mail, an invoice or another document, you can assign everything to the desired project.


With the hierachical representation you can find documents or any correspondence to the desired project quickly.

Project Management

In the project overview you can see all current and completed projects in your company. The access rights can of course be controlled.



Desktop, Portable & Co. – Sync aligns everything!

No annoying cables, no complicated synchronizations. With our sync-mechanism, desktop, tablet, portable are always up to date!


Always and everywhere up to date.

Automatically sync all the documents and structures you need to stay up-to-date on your computer. In-progress documents are locked and released in real time – seamlessly and efficiently.

1:1 synchronous

Synchronization of the selected documents within seconds so that they are always up to date.

System compatible

No matter which system you use, the Sync feature is available on both Windows and Mac.

Easy to use

An automatic blocking and release of documents that are in progress.